I have joy, laughter, and play in my life and relationships.

I have a sense of gratitude.

I have a sense of peace and harmony in my life and relationships.

I feel present in the moment.

I feel connected to my family, friends, and community and am consistently kind to others and to myself.

I intentionally offer forgiveness in tangible ways to myself and others each day.

I make time to connect with the beauty and wonder of nature and cultivate a sense of awe.

I am in tune with how my emotions are processed in my body (such as clenched fists, knots in my stomach, a sense of lightness, racing heart, agitation, etc).

I invest time in daily spiritual practices that give me strength and comfort (such as meditation, yoga, prayer, scripture reading, connection with nature, acts of kindness, ministry, etc).

I have a sense of hope, purpose, and the resources to overcome the challenges in my life.

I find strength in my faith and spiritual beliefs.

Neuroscience has influenced and inspired my spiritual growth.

Please give an example of how neuroscience has influenced and inspired your spiritual growth: